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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  October 18, 2015 10:30pm-10:40pm CDT

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and to think of last week, the cowboys come out. they have five sacks in the first half. it looks like, oh, my gosh, they can't protect tom brady. throughout the second half, no problem whatsoever. struggling a bit. tonight in first half, a couple of adjustments in the first half. there you go. >> al: good deep angled punt. to the 12. and whalen will take to it the 30. up to the 15 yard line. verizon has the largest 4g lte network. what does that mean? well, pretend jj watt is your signal. it means even out rere, way out here, you'll find your signal working hard. really, really hard. because that's what a strong network does.
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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. this is sunday night. >> al: well, bill belichick, as usual, making the right adjustments. two quarterbacks. it's been brady that has had the colts' number through the years.
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first down up at the 30 yard line. well, you go back to all those manning/brady -- you remember peyton lost his first six matchups with top. andrew luck has lost his first four. trying to get off of that schneid tonight. that is caught by the rookie dorsett for a first down. >> cris: we've seen this offense explode before. and it would not surprise me at all now with a bit of a hurryup here. remember, they went into tennessee in the fourth quarter. they were down 27-14 and i think scored three touchdowns and that's when andrew luck hurt his shoulder during that fourth quarter. so they're certainly capable of mounting a come back here. >> al: they were on the verge of going 0-3. and that's too high.
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right in front the bench. no flag, second and ten. >> cris: he's just had a couple sail on him today. you know, it's not typical to see him miss high the way he's missing with some of these balls tonight. that was an opportunity to keep that string of nice plays rolling. >> al: you see hasselbeck there and you ethe numbersee the numbers for the colts. excellent in the first half. and nary a point here in the second half. the throw. and it's in traffic. it is incomplete. moncrief was out of bounds. butler covering on the play. it will be third down. >> cris: that was a little much to ask. that was pure double coverage with their best corner and malcolm butler, with high/low coverage underneath him. i'll tell you, he almost pulled
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>> al: third and ten. >> cris: you almost have to consider this third down territory, don't you? >> al: i would, yes. he's going to take off. he's going to get the first down and a whole lot more. back to the 28 yard line. third down and ten luck for a 25 yard gain. >> cris: any time you have what's called this two-man coverage where you have an underneath coverage for all those receivers and they're running with their back to the quarterback, you see it almost every veteran quarterback knows to pull that one down and take off. >> al: without a huddle now. luck. this time the pass is low and incomplete. intended for coby fleener. >> cris: i'll tell you, it is not easy to get off the ball if you're a tight end playing against the patriots.
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they sacrifice rushing the passer to make sure those tight ends take shots every time they're taking off down the field. of course, the tight ends such a big part of the offense, coby fleener had touchdowns for this team a season ago. >> al: second and ten. three-man rush. and incomplete. malcolm butler seems to be everywhere. intended for whalen. it will be third down and ten. >> cris: can't play it a whole lot better than that. watch right here. you'll see butler basically run this route for griff whalen. almost came down with it. first of all, remember the super bowl the bowl. the unbelievable play.
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for this guy, he put him on antonio brown himself in the opener. you think belichick always double-teams the best player on the other team. that time he said, go get him, butler. >> al: man, oh, man. >> cris: fleener was wide open. >> al: threw it from dorsett, third down and ten. obviously they'll go for it with 3 1/2 to play. >> cris: that an easy first down and just did not see it. you want to do the old crossing route. here he comes across the field. there's nobody on that half of the field. he would have walked for the first down at least. the earliest receiver stopped going the other way. >> al: fourth and ten. and new england's going to take a time-out.
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>> referee: their first, a 30-second time-out. >> al: well, it was a six-point game when the colts tried this. inexplicable, unexplainable. coach pagano said, what did snap it for? that told you about all you needed to know. >> cris: tell you what was interesting with bill belichick about his dad and all the college coaches that he used to hang around with, and as an offshoot of that, bill got to hang around with those guys. he said in the nfl, you played a four-three defense, everybody loin lined up and that's what it was. all the college players had different lineups and he got used to seeing all that crazy stuff. >> al: fourth and ten. keep it alive? no, he cannot.
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incomplete. new england will get the ball. colts will be compelled to use their time-outs on defense. and just hope to get the ball back as quickly as they can. >> cris: just too many throws tonight just high. and that's certainly one that maybe t.y. hilton had a chance to catch as well as he jumps. no, he won't tell you. you'll never know. he's one of those warrior kind of guys, but just wonder if that shoulder bothered him just enough tonight for him to miss -- i can think of four or five during the course of this evening that missed high. >> al: started out sharp, but then gradually the accuracy diminished and the patriots can use the clock and blount will take the ball up to the 34 yard line. and indy will take a time-out. so the new england patriots right now, you know, it's too early to start talking about an
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undefeated season, but let's


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